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Cat lovers share that when this toy is finished recharging, the light goes out. Some folks thought the light would go from red to green, but it just goes out. And it lasts a long time! Just attach it to a door handle, pop in three AA batteries (sadly not included) and the string will wiggle around while moving in and out of the casing. It's simply like pulling a piece of string away from a cat and watching them pounce and chew. There are many reasons why a cat may not show an interest in toys and much depends on the type of feline you have. Indoor cats often react in different ways to outdoor cats, for example. “Indoor cats need more entertainment than outdoor cats who will often engage in hunting activity or will play with fallen leaves or grass blowing in the wind,” confirms Daniel Warren-Cummings, Cats Protection’s Central Behaviour Officer.

The toy works by attaching the string to a moving elastic conveyor belt but there's no assembly required and the string is sewn for you. There are also two speeds which not only provides an additional challenge but ensures the toy doesn't become too predictable. Just be sure to keep an eye on cats while they play with the toy. Every now and then, you may wander over to your cat's bowl and find a toy bobbing in the water. Sometimes, you may even find one in the toilet. But why? “The reason is unknown but there are a few theories,” says Daniel Warren-Cummings, Cats Protection’s Central Behaviour Officer.

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As long as a big cat has a way to beat his boredom, he'll be so happy, and thank you in so many ways. Happy house cats make for happy homes! Helpful to note: Some pet owners note the these balls as being quite durable. Others have said they were not so durable but that was ok, since they tend to get lost anyway and these are such a great price they are easy to replace.

Boredom with toys can also set in so it's your job to ensure they are entertained without being overstimulated. “It’s important to swap toys around regularly to keep them interesting and very short games of one to two minutes are fine,” Warren-Cummings adds. “And older cats will love playing three or four times a day, while younger cats will be happy to play 10 times a day or more.” Why do cats put toys in water? Maine Coon cat toys need to be able to withstand their extra weight and strength. These are not dainty cats!You'll find that the banana is made from heavy duty cotton twill, so it should be tough enough to withstand some pretty rough play, although a few testers have reported the toy being ripped open at the seams. As with any catnip toy, damage is possible if a cat gets a little too enthusiastic so it’s always best to supervise their playtime. It's always worth having a ball of string handy for an impromptu play session with your kitty and it's among the DIY cat toys you can make at home. But this toy goes that little bit further. It provides all of the thrill of catching a piece of moving string but without any involvement on your part.

You can swap around the toys in the box although only smaller ones would work. If you wanted to treat your feline pals, you could always swap the toys for some of the best cat treats, which will be a delicious incentive. Cats that don’t have toys to display their inbuilt prey/play behaviours may start directing these behaviours on to people (particularly if owners encourage their cats with fingers or toes) and over time this can develop to be a substantial problem,” says Daniel Warren-Cummings, Cats Protection’s Central Behaviour Officer. As part of our ongoing research into the best cat products available now, new products, and popular cat toys, we are happy to present this collection of big cat toys for your cat! They are the best cat toys on the market, at a great price, from cat games to organic catnip for cats. Finally, on a practical level, ensure the toys are robust, unlikely to fall apart under heavy play and free of small pieces that could come away and be swallowed. As vet Dr. Joanna Woodnutt says: “A common danger is swallowed string from wand toys – if you allow your cat to ‘catch’ the toy, be sure to remove it before they chew through the elastic.” Why does my cat not show interest in toys?

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By watching your cat and identifying certain behaviours, you can better target your toy buying. For example, if your cat is scratching the furniture, a toy that relieves the urge to scratch would work well. Likewise, if a cat is displaying an urge to chase, a toy which includes an element of hunting is sure to go down well. And a great toy should provide hours of running, chasing, snatching, hiding, pouncing, jumping, and "hunting" for your larger cat.

With feathers to hunt, balls to bat and flashing lights to attract attention, this three-in-one electronic toy from Orsda will get even the most disinterested moggie up and playing. It's programmable too, so you can set it to come on at set intervals to ensure your kitty is getting much needed distraction when you aren't there to play with them. One of the problems with giving a cat a ball to play with is that, with an ill-timed swipe, it's easily lost. By ensuring a ball is sent along a structured path, a cat can repeatedly enjoy all the thrill of a chase. You won't be on your hands and knees trying to rescue a ball from beneath the sofa with this toy.These fun shapes, with fun noises, that move in fun ways keep our larger cats moving and getting exercise and mental stimulation. While the mechanical mice, with winders, will provide limited amounts of play time such as the Liddle Cats Wind Up toy, the battery-powered mice can provide decent sessions if your cat decides to stalk and chase it. Bright and brash, you won't miss the Yeowww Catnip Banana flying across the room but there's much more to this perfect plaything than its standout looks. Yeowww is a big name when it comes to catnip toys and this brilliant banana is crammed full of premium quality, organic catnip that's grown without pesticides. But what should you consider when choosing? “Cats need to exhibit hunting behaviour to avoid stress and frustration and toys can reduce a cat's motivation to seek out prey,” explains Warren-Cummings, “Toys can reduce a cat's motivation to seek out prey. Fishing rod toys can imitate their natural hunting instinct, for instance, while catnip toys will provide hours of fun.” By including food-based puzzles, there is an added benefit: it will help with a cat eating too fast. This is useful if you have kitties that like to gobble their food, something which can lead to indigestion problems. It also makes feeding feel more rewarding since cats will have to perform different actions to get at their food.

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