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So onto the High Elf Thrower, Safe Throw has been split into two skills (Cloud Burster being the new skill to help avoid interceptions). I’d like to think that they keep both components of Safe Throw to maintain their status as being the best long passer in the game. Losing either of these would be very disappointing so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Khemri Teams HardyRoach: Definitely agree that he’s an absolute bargain, and his special rule definitely softens the Animal Savagery blow, even for me. You might be underestimating the ferocity of the debate surrounding rat ogres on Skaven teams, however, but that’s another article altogether. For a double increase as you start with Dodge, Side Step is the other great option. If you already have Stand Firm then don’t bother with it. Likewise if you get Side Step, then don’t bother taking Stand Firm either. I can’t really see any other double choices that would be much use, perhaps Jump Up. I wouldn’t take it early on though but as a late choice I can see it being effective.

Blitzers: Aside from the Wardancer, the only other positional that starts with Blodge. I expect these to get a 5k price hike, as they are pretty darn good and you can have 4 of them. So experience tells me Bloodlust should just be a straight stun (bypassing armour still) and still being able to feed on downed Thralls. You can often being taking one of your own standing players and then losing them for your turn and the opponents turn. It’s still enough of a penalty, along with the restriction it gives to the Vampire player. This is a change I’ve wanted to see even before there were rumours of a new edition coming. A friend to all frogs, Estelle La Veneaux is also the sort of friend you want on the Blood Bowl pitch. She has enough foul hexes in store to transfix her opponents, allowing your ball carrier to stroll into the endzone to score. Glotl StopWhen this sinewy serpent isn’t showing off for his adoring fans in the Lustrian Superleague, he can use his hypnotic glare to befuddle opponents. This lets him snatch the ball out of their hands – a perplexing skill that leaves even the smartest of players confused. Every Khemrian Blood Bowl team is held together, quite literally, by a liche priest – an ancient wizard who also fulfils the usual roles of a head coach. Tomb Kings teams play in the Sylvanian Spotlight, coming in at tier two. With up to four Strength-5 Tomb Guardians per team, they excel at bashing other teams off the pitch – even if their ball-handling skills leave much to be desired. Show your dedication to the God-Emperor with these three purity seal pin badges – one each for three of the most famous Space Marines Chapters, decorated with Chapter icons and litanies. Keychains Dan: Traditionalists will be thrilled: Linewomen are the exact same as they were from the Teams of Legend (ToL) PDF! They’re not going to turn heads with their offensive capabilities, but they’ll always be right where you need them thanks to their inbuilt Dodge skill. They were fun and fragile on the old team and they’ll remain so on the new team. Plus, you can watch all your favourite shows on Twitch. Speaking of which, the final day of the US Open: New Orleans is live on Twitch right now!

Other than that, I’ve won the vast majority of my games, completely obliterating chaos, goblins, orcs, humans, and dark elves. The only teams (other than dwarves) that have posed some trouble have been high-strength bruisers that are hard to injure: Lizardmen and Khemri ReplyDan: While I get what you’re saying, I do feel the need to point out that every Skaven coach everywhere has no problem feeding their own rats to a Rat Ogre. Additionally, his special rule means that once per game, his Animal Savagery punch can be used on an opposition player instead of one of your own! That’s really good! It’s like a free Mighty Blow Stab once per game! With Glotl’s ST6, Frenzy , Stand Firm , and Prehensile Tail he’s the ultimate cage smasher and is well worth the 270k gp price tag.

I was never a fan of Bretonnian teams as it was a push towards a more Warhammer orientated Blood Bowl rather than a purer Blood Bowl orientated world. Either way they have basically been replaced by Imperial Noble teams so I don’t see Bretonnian teams making an appearance in their Blood Bowl 2 PC Game format. Chaos Dwarf Teams Bob: “Their key players are the Blitzers, who are some of the best melee players, they hit first and ask questions later.” This set of 12 metal figures contains six Tribal Linewomen, one Eagle Warrior Thrower, two Piranha Warrior Catchers, and three Koka Kalim Blitzers. They are very much a outside the box team.. in that all their players usually can be hybrids to do the functions uncharacteristic to their positions on other teams. (Ball hawking Linewomen for example). These are some brilliant suggestions. I would love to see them updated now that the leaks are a little more concrete.Perhaps the team that I got the most known for who have suffered a lot over the various editions. Their reroll price went up not once but twice. They also got hurt when the dodge component of Stand Firm got removed. Gaining Mutations access (imo) wasn’t needed and ended up just being used to get Claw. Having said that, while I think the team is less strong now, I do think it’ll be a much more interesting team to actually play and to play against. It’s not a drastic change, but adding more variance in MA and STR across the team, as well as some oddball skills, definitely makes them less of a milquetoast experience. HardyRoach: A Guard / Sidestep piece is good enough, but that special rule? Damn. The ability to just completely shut down a scoring punt on a 2+ is exceptionally good, and I have a feeling that Estelle is going to end up house ruled in plenty of tournaments, either to increase her price or nerf her ability. We know it’s only September, but you can never start planning for the festive season too early! From next Saturday, you’ll be able to get your hands on a range of incredible gifts. Calendars I’m interested to hear what the community at large feels about various teams. Any comments on my suggestions, ideas of your own for those teams or thoughts about the ones I didn’t really talk about.

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