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Games Workshop Warhammer AoS - Easy to Build: Nighthaunt Dreadblade Harrows

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The Dreadblade Harrows are a pair of mounted spectral knights, seemingly a touch more solid than many of their Nighthaunt brethren, but no less sinister. Each is armed with a dreadblade held aloft in their right hand, with their left hands clutching the reins – one set spiked, one set ornate – of their steed. Not much else is visible of the Harrows themselves, with a helmeted skull peering out from beneath their cloak. The Thorns of the Briar Queen is a Nighthaunt Bladeborn warband from Warhammer Underworlds Season 2.

It’s also worth noting that the March 2022 The Hunt update, which introduced the priority targets and prime hunters rules, won’t apply to this book – the writers of that update cleverly included a caveat that if a battletome or battletome update has a more recent publication date than March 2022, units from that publication may not be designated as either priority targets or prime hunters. Which is… honestly fine! Nighthaunt are in a much, much better spot than they were at the time. A lot of players have at least the beginnings of Nighthaunt armies thanks to Soul Wars and the Mortal Realms magazine series, and there’s never been a better time to break out this un-boo-lieveably different army. Nighthaunt have gained a consistent ward save, vastly better battle traits, useful bodyguards, retreat and charge, more speed, more battleline options… It’s hard for us to find something that got worse for this army beyond some modest points increases. Admittedly, the army was in a pretty bad shape, but this book really feels like it’s in a good place in the game overall. Our playtesting against the other books released this edition suggests Nighthaunt are absolutely a podium contender, and with the number of overlapping buffs and unit options in this book we’re sure that generals will be exploring new builds and ideas right up until their next battletome. Looking forward to striking fear into the hearts of all the Mortal Realms? That’s the spirit! Just for fun here we present few thematic warbands, meant more for fun or narrative context than for competitive play. Note that in narrative play you need to complete a quest that allows you to recruit a Hero before being able to add him to your roster. Speed Kills – With an universal movement of 8” or more, army wide fly and army wide retreat and charge, Nighthaunt are fast , and you’re never going to pin them down in combat. This is an army that goes wherever it wants, whenever it wants, and Nagash help you if you’re in their way.Their loss in Toughness (only 4 now) makes them more vulnerable. They don’t have too many wounds and so they will suffer critical hits. In addition they are not particular strong so they rely on scoring critical hits themselves. Their resurrection ability is a bit worse than the Soulblight one but allows you to restore any fighter. Time-based missions in which you have to kill specific enemies within 3 or 4 battle rounds will be your biggest problem.

Howling Vortex(Triple, Briar Queen):a chance to damage and reduce movement to an enemy within range. Spiteful Spirit lets you roll a number of dice equal to your general’s Wounds characteristic on any turn they’re injured, inflicting a mortal wound on each enemy unit within 6” on a 4+. Most Nighthaunt generals that see combat aren’t going to be alive there very long, and while it might be cute as a little bomb it still doesn’t meet the mark for us. It initially stung to read that no longer could we deep strike half our army, but when you consider everything in this book now has base 8″ movement it’s not nearly as big a deal as it seems, and getting to decide what goes into reserves after deployment is a really nice touch that can really mess with your opponent’s options turn one. Wave of Terror Now, grouped into mighty processions and led by the capable Knights of Shrouds, the Nighthaunt sweep across the Mortal Realms to tear down the works of the living and inflict upon them the selfsame agony they must bear for eternity. The Dreadblade Harrows are the officers beneath the Knights of Shrouds. In life, each of these wights watched their leader's betrayal, neither helping nor hindering. Their half measures have been duly rewarded with a curse in death, for they are compelled to serve their treacherous lords eternally. [1a]Captured Soul-energy (Quad, Spirit Torment): After taking down an enemy, heal up to 6 wounds to all friendly fighters nearby. These are enormous benefits and will really change how the army plays. In the old rules your ghosts only got the 6+ ward save while within 12+ of a Nighthaunt Hero, limiting their ability to spread out over the battlefield. Now it’s just innate; you can use your various movement shenanigans to put your models exactly where they need to be without risking them losing their save. Outside of those collections, you will surely want a box of Grimghast Reapersthat allows you to assemble 9 Grimghasts and one Extoller and the unit is also extremely useful in any Death army for Age of Sigmar. A Soul to Claim is the kind of strategy that would be really, really good in an event that lets you change grand strategies between games, but might be too much of a gamble otherwise. You choose an enemy unit with the highest wounds characteristic as the target, and complete this strategy if it’s slain by a friendly Summonable unit (which is most of your non-hero units). It’d be worth taking if you saw your opponent’s army and knew their beefiest unit was an 8 wound hero, but if you run into gargants and have a Gatebreaker on one wound left, you’re absolutely going to use whatever you have at your disposal to take that final wound off, rather than letting the beast run rampant hoping you can achieve it next turn. The Midnight Tome in Relics of the Underworld lets a wizard once per battle automatically cast a spell to summon an endless spell with an unmodified 12 that cannot be unbound. While our choice would probably be Emerald Lifeswarm, Nighthaunt endless spells have received major upgrades and are all incredible viable, which we’ll get into just below.

Used mostly in vast groups as vanguard of Nagash’s armies, small detachments are extremely useful for delicate tasks thanks to their ethereal status and resistance to damage.To his benefit now, the undead god of poetic justice is incredibly mobile, with Spectral Tether allowing him to move to 9” away from enemy units, allowing you to place your big hitter exactly where he needs to go. He’s still going to dominate the magic phase with eight casts and unbinds at +3 while he’s suffered six or fewer wounds (even more so than Teclis, which makes us very happy every time it happens), and he’s got a couple of utility tools that might mean he sees play. Invocation of Nagash heals or resurrects up to 3 wounds to 5 different units, and Supreme Lord of the Undead means every time you determine how many slain models return, return an extra 1. While this might seem hilarious to combo with Olynder and a Guardian of souls, you’re dropping 955 points into this guy and you desperately need bodies to hold objectives and keep him alive, so the fewer ghosts you have the easier it is for those units to be completely removed, becoming unhealable. Death Magic Incarnate is a superb command ability, giving +1 to ward rolls for a Death unit anywhere on the battlefield. Combined with Discorporate or a high native ward save and you’ve got an incredibly tanky unit, but we’re not convinced you’ll have enough of those units to still do well in the game.

After making a charge roll with a Nighthaunt unit, look up the unmodified value you rolled on the Wave of Terror table and apply that effect to an enemy unit within 1”. We don’t think either of these lists are perfect, but almost any list you throw together in this book is worth trying! Wrapping it all upFor my opponents, as I do tailor this list to hold up against them, it goes khorne player is running a 2 drop list with 3 bloodthirsters, one of which is skarbrand, the nurgle player is about 3 drops with 50 plaguebearers and 3 Great Unclean Ones, and the orks player is running a Big Waagh list that is near competitive so they say.

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