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Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the Course of History

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When I was at school, we were challenged to question everything. I became a pain throughout my career and wider life as a result. I can't help it but am amazed at the vast majority that are willing to accept the most nonsensical of lies. I liked some of the chapters. The Churchill chapter and the Britain in WW2 chapter were interesting and made me think. English, Otto (5 June 2021). "History's biggest lies - from Hitler's art career to royal family being German". Daily Mirror . Retrieved 27 December 2021.

Fake History: Ten Great Lies and How They Shaped the World [9781787396395]". A Great Read . Retrieved 27 December 2021. Whether it's virtuous leaders in just wars, martyrs sacrificing all for a cause, or innovators changing the world for the better, down the centuries supposedly great men and women have risen to become household names, saints and heroes. But just how deserving are they of their reputations?I'm unsure why the food taken on the expedition is mentioned at all - they needed enough supplies to last 65 men YEARS - of course they took a lot of food?! Journalist and author Otto English takes apart ten of the greatest lies from history and shows how our present continues to be twisted and manipulated by the fabrications of the past. The best bit about this book is watching the author descend into exactly the things he outlines about others. Now, to the dogs: Scott took dogs on the Discovery having taken Nansen's advice, and their diet of fish was also recommended by Nansen (not Scott). According to the late great Wally Herbert, it takes a person around two years to become competent at running dogs, Scott had no chance of managing this, whereas the Norwegians would have been running dog teams for years, due to, y'know, living in the Arctic.

Soga Kugisaki • Moyuru Tochi • Rapt Tokage • Akira Iwako • Teruo Unagisawa • Monster Cat • Chuma Yakumaru • Ryuichi Gojiyama • Eiji Okameda • Rikiya Eno To himself) "Both this sham-filled society... and the criminals who wield their power in the name of petty mischief... are targets of my purge... All for the sake of a better society..." [10] Enhanced Smell: Despite his mutilated nose, Stain had an extremely keen sense of smell. While confronting All Might in Kamino he was able to memorize the retired hero's scent while in close proximity with him. Later on, during All Might's final battle against All For One, after smelling some stray blood from the fight, he was able to tell through his nose that the blood was All For One's and not All Might's. [5]

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Thoroughy enjoyable way to find out how so much of life's preconceptions are mistaken and how cognitive dissonance and the Dunning-Kruger affect lead us astray. All For One • Dictator • Gashly • Kunieda • Kurogiri • Lady Nagant • Moonfish • Muscular • Overhaul • Stain Three Sturm und Drang Brothers • Emperor Yotsuura • Ichiro Hotta • Jiro Hotta • Mazinger Brothers • Suicide Bomber • Abegawa Tenchu Kai ( Rojiya Yonenaga • Tetsu • Haruhisa • Soji) • Robber Villain Guevara himself comes across as somewhat politically naive. His upbringing was quite well to do, and such were the class divisons in the Argentina of his day that people of his class thought nothing of the teenage Guevara routinely raping the family maid. This was regarded as a part of the function of maids at the time in Argentina, apparently. So we can dispense with the notion of the romantic revolutionary hero who loved the working classes quite readily, then.

Ichimoku Samazu • Jube Namimaru • Makoto Tsukauchi • Moyuru Tochi • Rapt Tokage • Soga Kugisaki • Tiger Bunny • The RapperDobbs, Gregory. "Otto English on the myths of 'Fake Heroes' ". Good Reading . Retrieved 8 October 2023. Secondly, I get the main message of his book. Fake History and the promotion of it is dangerous and serves certain agendas. I also agree that statues are political statements. Frankly, Edward Colston and his tasteless statues can go to hell. They should be constantly debated and challenged. History isn’t concrete. We find out more pieces of it’s puzzle and it evolves. English, Otto (27 July 2021). "England's Upper Classes – A Dangerous Cult". Byline Times . Retrieved 27 December 2021.

English, Otto (2021). Fake History: Ten Great Lies and How They Shaped the World. London. ISBN 978-1-78739-639-5. OCLC 1246540717. {{ cite book}}: CS1 maint: location missing publisher ( link) Nem először tapasztalom azt az ambivalens érzést, hogy egy olvasmányom gondolatiságával mélységesen egyetértek, de a megírás módja egyenesen taszít. Hisz végtére is mit állít English? Elsősorban azt, hogy aki hülye, az többnyire annyira hülye, hogy nem is tudja, hogy hülye. Ez egy nagyon alapvető igazság. Aztán még azt is állítja, hogy vannak emberek, akik nem annyira hülyék, viszont morális hulladékok. Ők aztán elmennek politikusnak vagy politikai tanácsadónak, és megélnek a hülyékből. Azt mondják nekik, amit hallani akarnak - például hogy a hülyék igazából nem is hülyék, hiszen az angol (magyar, piréz, stb.) nemzethez tartoznak, és egy angol (magyar, piréz, stb.) szervileg nem lehet hülye, mert ha hülye lenne, akkor franciának vagy németnek születik. No most ami a morális hulladékokat illeti, hát igen, valóban kitapintható egy ilyen tendencia. Csak az van, hogy English ebből az egészből két következtetést von le:

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It is a great book to read but be assured it is certainly not a strict factual account of history with balanced views on what might have happened. Instead the sources are carefully edited to bear out the opinions of the author and meet his agenda. Whilst stating how our history is based on the version we read or were taught when younger, he clearly chooses the versions he wants to make his point.

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