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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Dark Angels Land Speeder Vengeance

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Dark Angels - The Dark Angels Space Marine Legion and Chapter have made use of the Land Speeder since the days of the Great Crusade. The Dark Angels 2nd Company, known as the Ravenwing, makes extensive use of Land Speeders, and even makes use of its own unique variants. Captain in Phobos Armor: B Tier: He has a redeploy ability, but only for Phobos units. Crucially, it's timed such that you'll know who has the first turn before you pop it, so it can be used offensively or defensively. A neat thing to remember is that Invictor Warsuits have the Phobos keyword, so this could be good if Invictors end up being good.

The Adeptus Mechanicus has not yet publicly released the technical specifications of the Ravenwing Dark Shroud. Like much of the Dark Angels and other Unforgiven Chapters' vehicles, the Darkshroud's presence is likely not known to many in the Imperium, due to their secretive and secluded nature. Releasing such technical specifications of their Chapter's vehicles could very well reveal the Dark Angels' hoarding of sacred Standard Template Construct databases, which they have repeatedly denied having in their possession. The current design of the Land Speeder was introduced in 1998 for the 3rd Edition of the Warhammer 40,000 game. Unlike the previous models, this release was a completely plastic kit. The redesign of the Land Speeder made it appear sleeker. The pilots are almost entirely enclosed. Stabilizers and a spoiler were also added to make the vehicle look more aerodynamic. You can tweak this squad (talking about the whole entry not just my example) however you need it to. They are one of the few entries in this book that can be built as a core focus of a list, or tailored to compliment a core of your list. If your Lion's Blade demi company is a bunch of close range drop pod space marines, maybe you need some long ranged firepower to soften up some targets before they all hit the board. Additionally, if you know you need some anti-horde, giving them heavy flamers and roasting a bunch of charging boys/gaunts, have at it. The LSV makes a great addition as I said earlier, now that you can hide it within the squad (something I always wanted!). Librarian ( Epistolary • Codicier • Lexicanium • Primaris Librarian • Vanguard Librarian) • Chaplain ( Reclusiarch • Primaris Chaplain • Judiciar) • Apothecary ( Primaris Apothecary • Apothecary Biologis • Helix Adept) • Techmarine I haven't started assembling them yet, but for the moment I'm leaning toward the Thunderstrike for the first one, and likely the Hammerstrike for the second. Although depending upon how easy it is, I might build them to swap weapons like the Invader ATVs can.The last unit that I want to cover isn’t super Dark Angels specific, but it does benefit heavily from working alongside such a heavy pushing unit as the Deathwing Knights, which is a Land Raider Redeemer filled to the brim with 6 Aggressors and an Apothecary Biologis with Bolter Discipline. Piloted by great success by Lesiu of Team Poland on their way to a WTC victory, this behemoth of a unit with insane damage output courtesy of “Lethal Hits, Sustained Hits 1, Critical Hits on a 5+, +2 AP and Ignore Cover with Oath Of Moment” is capable of crunching through a Wraithknight with around 16 average damage and a lot of room to spike high. Delivery is manageable through the resilience of the platform, and Squad Tactics allows the unit to do some shenanigans if anyone tries to get close. Ravenwing Master-Crafted Land Speeder Sableclaw - The Ravenwing master-crafted Land Speeder known as Sableclaw is a unique variant of the Land Speeder used only by Master ( Captain) Sammael of the Dark Angels Chapter's 2nd Company, which is known as the Ravenwing. The Master of the Ravenwing's Land Speeder is heavily armed with twin Heavy Bolters and twin-linked Assault Cannons. In addition, this specialised pattern of Land Speeder is equipped with superior targeting equipment and a protective Void Shield generator. Plasma Storm Battery- 36″ range. Gets Hot. Fires either three Heavy S7 AP2 shots or a single S7 AP2 Large Blast. Assault Squad: B Tier: Footslogging Assault Marines are actually interesting. What a world we live in! Given their unit ability, I think keeping all chainswords is the way to go, with perhaps a good weapon on the sergeant and maybe a couple of Eviscerators. Take as many plasma pistols as you are allowed though, and give that sarge a shield! Eagle Warriors - The Eagle Warriors Space Marine Chapter made use of Land Speeders as part of the Balur Scundus Strike Force.

During the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras the Land Speeders of the Legiones Astartes featured different weapon loadout options than those still found during the 41st Millennium.Stalker: C Tier: Like the Hunter, it's best against flying enemies, but it has enough volume of fire to be sort of okay against other stuff. Can really get spicy with Overwatch too. Predator ( Annihilator • Destructor • Baal) • Land Raider ( Phobos • Crusader • Redeemer • Achilles • Prometheus • Terminus Ultra • Ares • Excelsior • Wrath of Mjalnar • Angel Infernus • Solemnus Aggressor • Anvilarum) • Vindicator Laser Destroyer • Repulsor • Repulsor Executioner • Gladiator • Astraeus Land Speeder Tornado: A Tier: Expensive, but its strafe ability is great for pumping out a few cheeky mortal wounds to a tougher squad. Grab an Assault Cannon and Multimelta for some decent firepower too.

Using a small brush, paint the metallic areas of the Land Speeder Vengeance with Leadbelcher. This includes the engines, weapons, and any other metallic details. Allow the paint to dry completely. Centurion Devastator Squad: C Tier: Like the Assault Centurions above, they are tough but just don't get enough firepower to reliably shift a vehicle despite seeming being optimized for that. Too expensive for what you get. Vindicator: B Tier: This tank is good and its ability to fire into a unit in melee with it despite its gun having Blast is pretty cool, but it is overcosted. Its damage is pretty swingy into big targets too, but generally decent.Any unit is capable of punching up through Oath of Moment, especially when supported by the fairly ubiquitous Grenade stratagem to chunk through anything skirmishing on a flank. The question then as always with Marines is how do you kill things without Oath of Moment? Gladiator Reaper: A Tier: This is one of the best anti-infantry platforms we have access to. The combination of Twin-linked, Sustained Hits 2 (when targeting Infantry), and Devastating Wounds on its main gun is just nasty.

Eliminator Squad: B Tier: Sitting still and getting Devastating Wounds is pretty spicy on either of their weapons. I think the Las Fusils are probably better, as Dev Wounds lets them threaten even higher toughness targets, and you have Sniper Scouts for dealing with pesky characters. Devastator Squad • Aggressor Squad • Hellblaster Squad • Eliminator Squad • Suppressor Squad • Eradicator Squad • Centurion Squad • Scout Squad Whirlwind • Vindicator • Stalker • Hunter • Whirlwind Hyperios • Land Raider Helios • Thunderfire Cannon • Firestrike Servo-turret Ironclad Dreadnought: C Tier: Oddly it's cheaper than the box dread, but it's better in almost every way. Still not very good, mind you, but not terrible.

Ravenwing Talonmaster: A Tier: Not as nasty as in the previous edition, as he now has half the firepower he had before because Twin-linked. Still a decent tool to have, as he lets nearby Bikes and Speeders ignore cover, useful in a world where weapons generally have less AP than before. Probably don't take more than one anymore though. Actually funnily enough there might be a strange rules loophole that makes running more than one a good play: as a Fly Vehicle, a Talonmaster provides Lone Operative to another Talonmaster, so two or three of these next to each other grant each other immunity to shooting. I expect this to get corrected if it hasn't already been, but for now enjoy the jank! Predator Annihilator: C Tier: This is the anti-big stuff Predator, and its ability is much less helpful than the Destructor's.

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