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Nivea - Sun Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sun Cream Lotion - Spf 10 Low - 200ml

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At this point, parabens are the safest and gentlest preservatives we can use. However, we keep constantly researching to find the best, effective and healthiest ways to keep our products, our environment and you safe. NIVEA only uses parabens in about 20 percent of our products - up to 80 percent are paraben-free. Take our classic NIVEA cream: its oily formula keeps it fresh without preservatives. All of our baby products are also paraben-free. A few products which still contain parabens are some face creams, sunscreens and body lotions. We include preservatives in these products to make sure they remain safe for you to use. Children (ages 3-5) require at least 10-15ml - for more details on keeping young ones safe, read NIVEA’s children’s sunscreen advice. Several active ingredients are used in NIVEA SUN products. Panthenol, for example, is a B-Vitamin the body is not able to produce itself and is known to support the skin‘s regeneration and to improve its moisturization. Almost all living things need oxygen. Yet oxygen is also powerfully reactive and causes many other substances to oxidize. Rust, for example, is the result of iron oxidation. Oils and fats get rancid when they oxidize. This is where BHT comes in. Only a tiny amount of BHT (short for the rather unwieldy name butylated hydroxy-toluene) prevents oxidization. It is used in foods, medicine and cosmetics to help products keep fresh and last longer. Powders, e.g. Distarch Phosphate or Silica, help absorb oil on the skin, which leads to a pleasant skin feeling.

According to recent studies that investigated on corals under laboratory conditions, specific UV-filters – primarily oxybenzone (benzophenone-3) and octinoxate (ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) – are suspected to accelerate coral bleaching. As of 2021, sun protection products containing these chemical UV filters will be banned in Hawaii. The formula is specifically developed to reduce 3 types of wrinkles: Forehead wrinkles by 21%*, crow's feet by 27%*, plus cheek & mouth area wrinkles by 13%*.PEG compounds can perform several functions at once. As emulsifiers, they make sure that oil and water mix and form nice, smooth creams and lotions. They allow perfume oils to dissolve in water-based products. In shampoos and shower gels, they help create supple foam. As emollients, PEG compounds soften and moisturize the skin. Some of these multi-taskers also have a cleansing effect. Apart from the cosmetic industry, PEG compounds are used in pharmaceutical and medical fields. Every fragrance is a characteristic blend of different substances and scents – the average fragrance contains 30-50 fragrance ingredients. Fragrance ingredients are natural or synthetic perfumes that can be used individually but are usually combined with others to form a specific fragrance. Natural scent compounds are derived from plants (e.g. essential oils) and/or other natural sources while synthetic ones are created in the lab. However, fragrances are usually mixtures of synthetic and natural ingredients. There have been concerns that aluminum may increase the risk of breast cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Elevated aluminum content has been found in the brains of persons with Alzheimer’s disease. However, it remains unclear whether this is a cause or an effect of the disease. Film formers, e.g. VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, are used to ensure that the sunscreen forms a continuous waterproof film on the skin, which is critical for products with extra-waterproof UVA and UVB protection. Source: Euromonitor International Limited; NIVEA in the category Sun Care, incl. Sun Protection, Aftersun and Self-Tanning; in retail value terms, 2018 data

Sweet almond oil is cold-pressed from ripe almond kernels – the sweet, peeled fruit of the almond tree – and then refined. The golden oil with its mild, sweetly nutty aroma has been used in medicine and skin care for many centuries. Highly Effective - This sunscreen protects healthy skin from the OUTSIDE against UVA/UVB rays & from High Energy Visible Light effects such as premature skin ageing. It also protects the skin from the INSIDE thanks to a powerful natural antioxidants NIVEA is committed to reduce any negative impact on the environment, including coral reefs – one of the most diverse marine ecosystems. Approximately one quarter of all ocean species depend on reefs. It is well known that the survival of coral reefs around the world is under threat by various factors. The factors contributing to coral decline are complex and wide-ranging. Two primary causes are considered to be temperature anomalies and extreme weather conditions related to global climate change. Local factors such as land-based pollution caused by coastal development and agriculture, unsustainable fishing practices and an increasing number of invasive, coral-damaging species play a key role as well.Parabens are preservatives. They make sure that skin care products, especially those containing a lot of water, stay fresh over a long period of time by acting against germs and fungi. Parabens can be created artificially or found in natural ingredients such as carrots, cucumbers, olives and more. Both effective and highly tolerable, parabens have been used to preserve cosmetics, household products, medicine, and foods for more than 80 years. Over the decades, parabens have been intensely researched. In fact, they are the most researched preservatives of all. The results: both the European Commission and the independent U.S. evaluative commission (Cosmetic Ingredient Review / CIR) agree that parabens are safe. NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze has two desirable effects: first of all, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays, but it also activates the individual, natural tanning process – without being a self-tanner. NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze cleverly unites sun protection and long-lasting tanning. When the skin is exposed to UV rays, it starts a protective mechanism by naturally producing the brown pigment called melanin. Melanin gives the skin its colour and is a natural protective shield for the cell. Getting a tan is actually part of the skin´s protection mechanism. NIVEA SUN has integrated an active ingredient that activates this simple yet brilliant natural skin mechanism. The key ingredient of the unique NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range is the Pro Melanin extract, which significantly activates the skin’s melanin production within your skin. Even after sunbathing, the natural melanin production remains activated. NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze products support the skin’s natural ability to develop its long-lasting tan, while providing reliable skin protection. Titanium dioxide is a mineral-based, white substance used as pigment in sunscreen, food coloring and other areas. Nanopigments of this substance are tiny particles – a million times smaller than a grain of sand. Titanium dioxide nanopigments are used in cosmetics as mineral (or physical) UV filter. Applied to the skin, they reflect and scatter UV rays and help to protect the skin against sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. Neutralizing agents, e.g. Sodium Hydroxide or Citric Acid, are used to adjust the pH value of our formulas. The intensity of UV radiation differs over the day, the year and depending on your region. Furthermore, snow, water and sand increase the radiation exposure. Accordingly, the actual value may be higher than the predicted UV Index, so adequate UV protection is advisable for appropriate activities.

Imagine a coat of armor around your body that keeps UV radiation away from your skin. Now imagine this coat of armor made of countless shields so tiny that they are individually invisible (while building in millions a smooth white coat on your skin). That’s how titanium dioxide nanopigments work. Like a shining armor, they reflect UV rays before they can damage the skin and the DNA of skin cells. They act as a mineral UV filter helping to protect you against immediate effects like sunburn as well as long-term hazards like skin cancer, helping to keep your skin healthy and naturally beautiful. The great thing about silicones is that they are not only highly multi-talented, but also safe and skin-friendly. Even more so than some natural oils! When natural oils react with oxygen, the resulting products may irritate the skin or cause allergies. Silicone oils, on the other hand, rarely trigger allergies and do not oxidize easily. This - in addition to their great fluidity - makes them skin compatible and ideal for use in cosmetics. But doesn’t silicone in haircare products weigh down your hair? There are no systematic studies showing that silicones weigh down the hair. NIVEA haircare formulas wash out easily and let your hair shine in all its glory. We also offer silicone-free shampoos and conditioners to leave the choice up to you. Under 3 years old: Use a minimum of 5 to 10 ml of sunscreen, but keep babies out of direct sunlight at all times and in the shade. NIVEA uses fragrances in most of our products. Our fragrances are carefully composed of natural and synthetic ingredients. In line with our principle not to put anything in our products that doesn’t have to be there, we use fragrances in a very controlled manner. To make sure that every fragrance we use is safe and stable, we have created a special list which defines maximum quantities for certain fragrance ingredients and which provides other binding requirements to ensure quality and safety of all our fragrances, going far beyond existing legal requirements. This so-called restriction list for fragrances applies to every one of our fragrance suppliers. PEG stands for polyethylene glycol. PEG compounds are the whizzes of the cosmetics world: they serve as emulsifiers, binding agents, stabilizers, and emollients

That’s why we have to enjoy sun responsibly and with sufficient sun protection. One of the most common means of protection is to apply sunscreen products. Thanks to the innovative strength of the research and development departments, NIVEA took a pioneering role in sun protection products (first official NIVEA sun protection cream was launched in 1936!) and is today the world's no. 1 sun care brand*

NIVEA only uses UV filters which have been considered safe for consumers and the environment by the appropriate regulatory agencies. We are assessing our portfolio of ingredients for their possible effects on the environment. New ingredients must meet our stringent standards and we would not implement ingredients if current scientific knowledge and subsequent environmental risk assessments in relation to our products show them to be harmful to the environment. As our skin ages, the Q10 levels in our skin cells rapidly decrease. There are also other factors that lower the Q10 level, including stress, certain drugs, and UV radiation. Foods like meat, eggs, fish, nuts, potatoes, broccoli, and spinach are good sources of Q10. Topical application of appropriate cosmetic formulations containing the skin’s own coenzyme Q10 verifiably replenishes the skin's Q10 depot. This supports the energy metabolism of skin cells and reduces the number of free radicals. We’ve answered a lot of common queries, including the UV index meaning, and the importance of knowing what is the UV index today. Calculating your region's UV Index is a great start to learn about sun protection. However, the UV Index's recommendations only serve as a general guideline.It's always been a worldwide wish to use a reliable sun protection product during sun exposure without having to miss out on a beautiful, natural tan. With NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze, this is now possible. Thanks to the Pro Melanin extract in the formula, the skin cells´ melanin production is activated significantly, while the skin is protected from UVA/UVB rays. Finally, reliable sun protection and a beautiful tan can work together! The formula is 68% biodegradable and respects the ocean by being free of UV Filters Octinoxate, Oxybenzone & Octocrylene and free of Microplastic. The tube and cap are made from 50% recycled plastic. The folding box cardboard is carefully selected and FSC approved.

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