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Thermoses Water Bottle Stainless Thermos 500ml NOS Nitrogen Bottle Type Thermal Insulation Cold Insulation Reusable Leak Proof Carabiner Included Easy to Carry Work Sports Outdoors Hiking (Blue)

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Your method (assuming you're using accurate scales) is the right way to determine your empty and full weights. Nitrous works in more than one way, but primarily it all adds to the same effect. It gives your engine more oxygen to burn, which in turn allows more fuel to burn creating more power. To gain a better understanding of how nitrous works you need to know two things. So buying a bottle isn’t as simple as just saying, “I’ll buy the biggest bottle I can to get the most runs out of it at one time.” If you’re trying to get the maximum performance out of the system, it’s important to size the nitrous bottle accordingly. This is where the advice of a seasoned nitrous technician comes into play; Wagner did recommend calling to ask for assistance with sizing the bottle correctly—and filling it with the ideal amount of nitrous for your particular application—if the possibility exists. Systems bought in kit form are typically optimized with lines and fittings to work correctly with the bottle size, jet size, and expected horsepower goal. For the purposes of automotive use, Nitrous Oxide when in its desired state of compressed liquid can be thought of as an extremely dense form of oxygen. Chemical Properties of NOS / Nitrous Oxide As the name suggests, this is simply a nitrous kit (wet or dry but normally the former) that uses only one injector to inject the mixture into the intake system. To give an even distribution it is normally fitted just after the throttle body. This allows for the inlet manifold’s characteristics to deliver the nitrous evenly to all the cylinders.

The most important add-on of all; traction control for nitrous. A basic unit simply pulses the solenoids open and shut to deliver smaller amounts of nitrous as and when you want it. This means it can gradually deliver a larger and larger shot progressively rather than all at once. In turn, allowing the engine to slowly consume more nitrous when it can. It’s kinder to the drivetrain, helps acceleration times and is more efficient. It also allows a much bigger dose; increased air speed at higher speed and rpm means the nitrous is more diluted with air, and therefore capable of consuming more. Clever versions have extras such as recognizing what gear you’re in and increasing the dosage it injects throughout the gear. They also enable safety features, such as delaying injection time until after the clutch is disengaged. This method releases the Nitrous Oxide(NOS) and immediately ignites it – the fuel is also the trigger and helps push a pin into the nitrous charger. Read more about it and get a full set of instructions here. While supplying nitrous oxide for its psychoactive effects is already illegal under 2016 legislation, the gas has legitimate uses, primarily for the production of whipped cream or for freezing food, and it is widely available online.

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Doctors have warned about an increase in spinal cord and nerve damage caused by the drug, including paralysis. Firstly, it contains around 16 per cent more oxygen than air. Secondly, nitrous is a liquid that boils to become a gas. Therefore, for it to work properly and to its full potential, it’s imperative to make sure it’s still in liquid form as it reaches the intake manifold. This will maximize the heat exchange with the intake charge. The blue 10-pound bottle sells thousands of units a year by itself. The blue bottle is an iconic part of nitrous,” says Wagner. The gas produces sensations of euphoria, giggling and hallucinations, but can also cause dizziness and impaired memory, as well as accidents from leg weakness. It can also cause neurological problems by inactivating the vitamin B12. A well designed, Wizards of NOS nitrous system, which delivers an accurate amount of both nitrous and fuel and remains consistent in doing so, is vital for good performance and avoiding detonation. Wizards of NOS nitrous systems are designed in such a way to achieve this, as well as maintaining 100% reliability.

He stresses that nitrous usage depends on many factors. If you are not using a pre-built kit, then the factors that affect usage include engine size and system size. Ideally, a system is flowed to see how much nitrous it consumes over time. For example, you would weigh the bottle before the test, run it for a predetermined amount of time, weigh the bottle again, then figure usage in pounds per minute, or second. It is not as simple as pointing to a system and saying, “you’ll get five runs before the bottle is empty.” In 2015, the then chair of the ACMD, Prof Leslie Iversen, told the home secretary at the time, Theresa May, that possession of laughing gas should remain legal. It’s the first immediate effect of this heat exchange that offers a large gain through the dramatic reduction of intake temperatures as the surrounding air is cooled; something that is especially important when it comes to turbo applications. Also, as a gas displaces more than a liquid, injecting in this form results in more charge in the cylinders. As it displaces less air, it’s through this massively-increased oxygen content that it allows more fuel to be burnt. Nitrogen & oxygen These actually inject the nitrous into the intake system. They need to spray a mix of fuel and nitrous together depending on whether the kit is a wet or dry system. Distributing the nitrous is easy due to the high pressure. It’s the fuel that’s the problem to get right, so these injectors are designed to give a crossfire spray pattern which is better for atomization of the two substances. Lines The Super Hi Flo valve utilizes a handwheel that is integrated at a 45-degree angle to the nitrous flow, which assures maximum performance capability.If the difference is less than the weight that SHOULD be in the bottle, only pay for the difference between the empty weight and the returned weight. Any way i took it to shakey to get filled by ............(i'm sure you know who i'm on about they only do NOS) who are there at most meetings they had a grumble about the bottle type and the highpower fittings but after some messing about managed to get just 5lb in. told me that luxfer type bottle meant for co2 so possibly will not hold the 11lbs that you might think it should. only had to pay for 5lb so no real harm done. The advent of drag racing's Pro Mod class in the 1980s provided a boost of popularity to NOS. In fact, both the first 200 mph run and the first 6-second run were aided by NOS. Racers and performance enthusiasts at every level took notice of these remarkable feats. It is conceivable to say that nearly every significant performance milestone with nitrous was done with the NOS brand. Race reports show that the NOS brand still powers more racers than all others.

So, weighing my bottle, i can now say that the full weight of the bottle was 8lbs exactly and using the empty figure above of 6.09lbs then according to my calculations I have 1.91lbs of liquid in the bottle!! so the 5lb bottle holds 4.5lbs of liquid so that must mean that the bottle is missing approximately 2.59lbs!! So its approx half full!!

Do not be tempted to experiment with inhaling the gas - it has both long term and short term negative effects upon our health. If you'd like a copy of that and one of the 5th Gear piece we did, we're giving away a free CD with each copy of my book.

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