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Shen Shu - L'oracle des nombres sacrés

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The sense of the 'eternal' that comes with 'hard core' yang thinking is at odds with reality that is thermodynamic and reflected in the 'arrow of time' such that the Eastern perspectives can be more 'down to earth' at times, not as idealistic as the western perspectives and so accommodating of, more accepting of, our 'animal' nature and the inevitability of death etc ;-) The right perspective is closer to our species-nature. The left perspective is closer to our consciousness-nature. The right is more into fibonacci sequence patterns of expression (and so is more 'aesthetic' in perspective, more qualitative), the left more into binary sequence patterns of expression (and so more precise and prone to the quantitative, we compress universals into a formula/number). The Chinese tones elicit differences in the dynamics of integrating/differentiating and context sensitivity etc but beneath these LOCAL processes are still the SAME set of GENERAL processes we all share as a species and that includes the sense of 'wholeness', 'part' etc etc, that we use in the derivation of meaning. KLEIMAN-WEINER Max, TENENBAUM Joshua B., ZHOU Penghui - Non‐parametric Bayesian inference of strategies in repeated games, pp. 298-315

When singing a rhyme these patients CANNOT stop halfway through and take-up where they left-off, they MUST start at the beginning again. What we see here is chunk size, the 'dot' of the left is the size of the whole object when in the right, as we move more left so we unravel the PARTS and these in turn can be interpreted as if WHOLES but fine grain not corse grain. Next recite the long mantra of Dependence Arising (3 or 7 times): OM AH HUM OM YEDHARMA HETU PRABHAWA HETUNTE KHEN TATHAGATO HAYA WATETTE KHEN TRAYO NIRODHA EWAM WADI MAHA SHRA MANA SOHA The character 神 for shen exemplifies the most common class in Chinese character classification: xíngshēngzì 形聲字 "pictophonetic compounds, semantic-phonetic compounds", which combine a radical (or classifier) that roughly indicates meaning and a phonetic that roughly indicates pronunciation. In this case, 神 combines the "altar/worship radical" 礻or 示 and a phonetic of shēn 申 "9th Earthly Branch; extend, stretch; prolong, repeat". Compare this phonetic element differentiated with the "person radical" in shen 伸 "stretch", the "silk radical" in shen 紳 "official's sash", the "mouth radical" in shen 呻 "chant, drone", the "stone radical" in shen 砷 "arsenic", the "earth radical" in kun 坤 "soil", and the "big radical" in yan 奄 "cover". (See the List of Kangxi radicals.) This focus on precision is reflected in handedness etc, a preference for one side over the other in sensory processing, motor responses etc. Genetic diversity allows for 'anomolies' as in left-handedness etc etc but overall the more precise 'side' of the brain determines the motor activity expressed in the use of the limbs etc of the other side of the body. There are differences between a 10th century BC perspective of the I Ching and a 21st century AD perspective of the I Ching. The 10 BC perspective reflects attempts to get to the roots of the specialisation as if those roots reflect some 'original' distinctions, this reflects a more religious, more spiritual, perspective as a priest attempts to keep the original texts as they are claimed to reflect the 'word of god' etc. The attitude is like that of a physicist trying to get to the roots of fundamental particles etc etc (and the attitudes of many doing this reflect a fervour that is 'religious' in form - read the book "Pythagoras's Trousers"). There is a strong focus here on the literal interpretations rather than recognising metaphor at work.

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Benefit from turquoise, aquamarine, lapis, and any blue or green stones; as well as Bodhi seeds, Rudraksha seeds and beads made from the seeds of other holy trees. Wing-Tsit Chan distinguishes four philosophical meanings of this guishen: "spiritual beings", "ancestors", "gods and demons", and "positive and negative spiritual forces". Podcast I Ching chats – Book a free reading, in return for your permission to share it on the podcast. Choi, J., Gu, J., and Shen, S. "Weak Instrument Robust Inference for Two-sample Instrumental Variables Regressions", Journal of Applied Econometrics (2018).

The answer indicates that your intended course of action may benefit you in the short term, but may not be so good in the long term.The overall focus is on differentiations (yang) and integrations (yin). Integration is NATURALLY general WHEN COMPARED to differentiating in that there is an issue of precision - integration requires a PAIR, differentiation focuses on the ONE. Although the etymological origin of shen is uncertain, Schuessler notes a possible Sino-Tibetan etymology; compare Chepang gliŋh "spirit of humans". [3] Our consciousness is LOCAL, differentiating, asymmetric/symmetry-breaking and as such is EITHER/OR such that from the state vector we extract A/NOT-A - parts. It is the failure to understand the dynamics of brain function that has led to the 'misunderstandings' of the results of QM experiments - the originators of these theories had no idea how the brain worked and current texts just maintain the dogma without carefully reviewing what modern research into the brain that shows us about how we make maps. The wave/particle duality issue reflects a distortion due to differences in interpretations of perceptions not the perceptions themselves. Yup...it was meant to be sweeping. I was discussing my experience, not all that I've learned...and trying to be succinct. You can see here the improvement in perception that comes with being able to flesh-out details and this is reflected in how the eye works where in the brain the 'left' perception is more 'fovea-like', precise, and the 'right' perception more 'parafovea-like', approximate.

Nope...I haven't read your IDM. My first real awareness of my "oddness" as being the difference between left-brain and right-brain thinking was when I read Betty Edwards "Drawing From the Right Side of Your Brain." I was reading it to become a better artist, but it became an "AH HA" moment for me. I was elated to be able to explain to my family and friends just why I was so slow to respond when I was in creative mode...and to learn why I lose weight and all sense of time when I create...and why I often experience a sustained euphoria when I finish a creation that makes the post-coital feeling seem like ground beef compared to a fine filet mignon. I Ching with Clarity podcast – Interpretations of real readings, accessible to beginners and also nourishing for experienced diviners.


The answer indicates that your proposed course of action is positive, but there could be some obstacles. However, these can be overcome. Jao T (1998) Yin buci suojian xingxiang yu shen shang, long hu, ershiba xiu zhu wenti. In: Zhang Y, Hu Z (eds) Hu Houxuan xiansheng jinian wenji. Kexue chubanshe, Beijing, pp 32–35, 37

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