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Latex Zombie Jaw Prosthetic

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He’s been beaten, shot and hit with a baseball bat, but he’s still standing. The first ever silicone zombie mask from Nimba Creations offers the best quality full-head zombie transformation available. This mask is perfect for the haunt industry, scare attractions and halloween events, and will make you the best zombie at any Halloween party. The silicone skin has been reinforced with 4-way mesh in key areas to ensure that with care, it can give you years of use. Choose makeup of any color and plan your special effects makeup for your costume. If you’re a fan of the animated special or superhero movie, you can use our special effects makeup transformation tutorials to bring your costume to life. Faux scars and zombie prosthetics combine to make anything from airbrush makeup to compelling horror characters. Now this is the important stuff. Do not pull latex or prosthetics off of your skin without a dedicated remover. Pulling it off without a remover will hurt. A lot. There is a rubbing alcohol called Isopropyl Myristate – sounds scary we know – that will help you remove any latex or glue you used to adhere the prosthetic. Isopropyl Myristate is an oil and alcohol based remover that is fine to use on the skin in small amounts. Spirit Gum has a remover but Isopropyl Myristate works on that too should you not have it. Once the latex or prosthetic is all removed and you’ve had a shower and such, put on a heavy-duty moisturiser/body lotion. Because you are using an alcohol based remover on your skin, it will be incredibly dehydrated and no matter how fun and impressive your Halloween costume was, dehydrated skin isn’t.

Since 1996, The Scream Team has created professional quality foam latex appliances, that far beyond the mere Halloween masks and makeup. The Scream Team's line of handmade, durable film quality prosthetics are perfect for those who wants to create that perfect Halloween creature or convention show stopper. Halloween masks of the past had limitations. The Scream Team's foam latex masks allow for you to "come through" the appliance and really create a one-of-a-kind special effect. Are you ready to make your Halloween next level? The Scream Team’s line of easy-to-wear foam latex prosthetics are what you’ve been searching for! Scott Ramp (special effects make-up artist, instructor and Face-Off alumni) has created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that allows you, regardless of your experience. You will be able produce quality effects from the get-go. The Scream Team also offers a full make-up kit and accessories, like wigs and fx teeth to help make your new character reallly come to life. Searching for the ultimate scary clown makeup?The best way to find out how to use latex in makeup is to watch , learn and try it yourself! Just to note, if you are planning to put the latex over your eyebrows, you’ll need to protect them with a little bit of vaseline or something similar. That’s if you want to keep them, we think you’d look rather fetching without eyebrows. The flesh toned zombie is a great choice because it is so famous. It’s a classic but it’s a classic for a reason – it’s been done before. You might want to change it up a little and we at MorphCostumes think that the best way to put a spin on a classic is to make it a bright one. Who doesn’t love a blindingly vibrant flesh eating nightmare?! This one doesn’t have to be as detailed in terms of contouring as the flesh-toned. With the Neon zombie you can complement a colour for contour and it doesn’t need to be blended or shaded, but you can if you like. The Bright Zombie can be as detailed or as simple as you like and in this kind of zombie, visible eyebrows can look incredibly cool. The difficult part of this costume is getting your hands on a good, bright body paint but we have you covered . Water activated paints are perfect for this look at they are incredibly easy to blend and build up to a wonderfully opaque colour. Image Source Latex This one is for the people who have time to devote to their zombie transformation. Liquid latex is used universally by professionals due to its malleable consistency in both its liquid and paste forms. However, latex allergies are pretty common so please carry out a small patch test on the inside of your elbow and behind your ear a few days before you put it all over your face. Don’t particularly want that allergy unexpectedly flaring up! Liquid latex is easy enough to find online and then you can get to work. Arguably, the best way to use latex is to layer pieces of thin toilet paper or cotton wool with the liquid latex and then repeat this process until until you have your desired effect. Latex FX are fine to paint over with alcohol activated paints or cream-based/grease paints as they will not slip off of the latex, unlike water-activated paints. Image Source If you're serious about special effects makeup, you can look at the variety of products we have to help you dive into the art of makeup on your friends and family. The world of special effects makeup at home is great whether you’re new to special effects makeup or already know about the world of special effects makeup as a fun hobby or career. Our products can help elevate your game.

Many would view this as an easy method but again, it depends on what you’re wanting. You can buy pre-made prosthetics and transfers which are awesome and great for the person who is a bit scared to use lots of liquid latex or make their own in the worry that something will go wrong (we’ve all been there). They range from prosthetic eyes, bite wounds, jaws, mouths, brow bones, and many many other wounds. You can buy them online (through us at MorphCostumes), and they will usually be either latex, gelatine or skin-safe silicone. Another really cool crawling corpse form is the zipper-face zombie. This one really became popular in the last five years or so and we love it. It’s a simple and easy route to an unsettling costume that will definitely receive some compliments! A good way to adhere these kinds of prosthetics to the skin is to use Spirit Gum. Spirit Gum is an alcohol/resin adhesive that is used in advanced makeup to fix wigs and such to the skin. It’s easy enough to remove too, either with a Spirit Gum remover or with rubbing alcohol but we do recommend the prescribed remover. Prosthetics can be homemade too using a latex paste , and applied with some liquid latex. This is a really cool way to go because it’s personalised for your body and can look just the way you want them to look. Image Source If you need special inspiration for your makeup, look to your favorite films. You can put together the makeup of an orc from Lord of the Rings or use makeup with bald caps to create a fascinated Fester. Makeup from things we haven’t even seen are the best because it lets you become you r own special effects makeup artist with ease! With makeup, whiten your face to become a ghost or create a terrifying makeup from a cheek gash prosthetic makeup. If you have a special love for makeup, you might have questions about special effects makeup. Fear not because we have a guide to special effects makeup with our products, all designed to save time on makeup with other mechanical effects.

The Scream Team is your source for the best in special effects prosthetics / foam latex appliances.

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