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Filth: The Outrageous Party Game for Disgraceful People

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Have you successfully returned through the Portal with your haul of Filth? Then all the resources you’ve collected will be added to your team’s spoils. If you perish or fail to escape through the Portal before the end of the battle, you’ll score only 20% of the Filth you collected.

Humanity's Wake: The game takes place long after the extinction of humankind, and we don't know what exactly caused it. However, the Testament at the end of 0-S implied that humanity is responsible for its own destruction, thanks to the evils of its own free-will. Alternatively, Minos Prime claimed that the Machines had a hand in it. The P-2 ARG implies that Hell itself was the cause of Humanity's end. The Corpse of King Minos, boss of 2-4, is so massive that just one of his hands is several times larger than V1 and the next few levels are inside of it. Punched Across the Room: If a punch does not gib small enemies outright, it can send them flying far away. Brutal Bonus Level: The Prime Sanctums. If you manage to find them and get the P ranks necessary to enter, you deserve your punishment.

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The Corpse of King Minos, boss of 2-4, can be seen way off in the distance in the three levels before the stage where you actually fight it. It gets higher up and closer as V1 descends through the layer of Lust. Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen: Agartha, the cross walks between the world, built and maintained by Gaia is not above the reach of The Filth. In the deepest parts of Agartha, The Filth devours it from the inside. The source of this infection is The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen. The Bird has no original body, it is Filth incarnate. More feral than the Unutterable Lurker, yet more focused than regular Filth, The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen has made it its mission to destroy Agartha by building itself a nest in the inner reaches of the tree of life to slowly rot it from the inside out. The area is subject to massive Filth outbreaks that are toxic to Secret Worlders. The Bird vomits and anally excretes Filth effortlessly, making it a walking/flying bio-hazard. It manifests a Dweller from its nest and a spider like Filth to aid it against any who would fight it. It can re-manifest the creatures endlessly after a small break for the Filth in the nest to re- coalesce. With a cry it calls victims of the Filth from bygone eras called Hosts of Nergal's Rot. The Hosts are normal, all-be-it very strong, Filthy Humans. As there are no humans in Agartha the Hosts are likely the souls of those taken by The Filth, still in agonized thrall even after their deaths. As the creature is more hurt, it dive-bombs the platform the players will fight it on more and more. It radiates the Filth and will continue to do so until it is destroyed. Destroying the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen stops the further infection of Agartha. Presumably once Gaia has time to manifest enough energy the remnants of the area will be purified entirely. Nominal Hero: Under almost any other circumstance, invading Hell itself would be considered a good thing, but V1 has nothing but selfish reasons for doing so: finding more blood to consume. Upon meeting other robots such as Swordsmachine or V2, they duke each other out on sight, implying that the robots don't even have loyalty to their own kind. Bloody Bowels of Hell: The 3rd Layer of Hell, Gluttony, is a Womb Level entered through the defeated Corpse of King Minos. The layer is a visceral area whose floors are made of meat and bone, stomach acid is an environmental hazard, disembodied mouths are doors, and giant eyeballs cover the layer's surfaces.

Degraded Boss: Certain powerful enemies in the game are introduced to the player as boss fights before they become normal enemies in later levels. Boss versions have more health. Soul orbs have been placed in various out-of-the-way locations in the levels, and exist primarily as things for curious players to find, though some of them grant powerups. If that's still not enough speed, there's also slam storage. It's an Ascended Glitch that involves cancelling a ground slam with a wall jump, which lets you 'store' the velocity of the slam until you land. If you jump again as soon as you land, V1 will leap ridiculously high, which is useful to skip massive parts of levels with open roofs; but if you slide and then jump, you can transfer that vertical velocity forward and blitz through entire sections. The entrance to the layer of Gluttony is somehow inside the mouth of The Corpse of King Minos, despite the layer not actually being within the corpse itself according to Word of God. invoked

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All the rewards are visible in advance: the bundles’ contents and their amounts are displayed when viewing the currently available bundle. Retraux: Everything about the game's aesthetic is meant to invoke the 3D shooters of old, including Quake and Unreal Tournament. It even has PS1-style texture-warping as a toggle-able option. Implicitly justified in-universe, with the Sentry's lore revealing that most machines - possibly including V1 - chose to render their environmental surroundings at only a simplified approximation for best combat efficiency.

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